Profile Improvement Advice

Hi everyone!

I'm a rising-junior Computer Science student, and I'm trying to figure out what I should after I graduate. My profile thus far:

Education: Non-Target University (US)
GPA: 3.63
Relevant Coursework -
Math: Calc I, 2, & 3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Stats & Probability, Stats Theory, etc.
Comp Sci: C++, Python, R
Experience: I currently work for a local asset management firm and have a quant risk internship at a bulge bracket firm lined up for next summer

I am particularly interested in quant trading and therefore am considering an MFE, especially since I go to a non-target. Currently, I am looking at Georgia Tech, Boston University, and UCLA's programs. Are these out of my range? If so, do you have advice on ways I may improve my candidacy? Are there other programs you might suggest? Other avenues of getting into quant trading?

Thank you for reviewing my post! All advice is greatly appreciated.