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Profile Review and Advice on Choosing Programs to Apply

Hi all, I'm looking for an honest review of my profile, and some advice on which programs to target and how many to apply to

Undergrad: BSBA in Economics and Mathematics (3.7 GPA) from a Top 100 undergrad business school. Graduated May 2019.
GRE: 168 Q, 156 V
Work Experience: 1.25 yrs (will be over 2 by Fall 2021) at a very large national bank. Working in Risk Management.
I have all the educational prerequisites required.

My goal is to end up in Quant Strategies/Research, Portfolio Management, or maybe return to Risk Management. All else being equal, would prefer not to end up in NYC. Obviously, would not turn down an opportunity, but the location allure of NYC is not as strong for me as it may be for others.

Currently, this is my breakdown of programs:
Targets: Georgia Tech, NC State, Cornell, NYU, UChicago
Reach: CMU, Baruch, Columbia
Safety: Minnesota, Illinois, Lehigh

Am I being reasonable with my self-assessment? Are there any other programs that I should consider? I have a list of ~20 programs that I have explored, how do I narrow that down?