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Profile review: Asian 22-yo Male for MSc Quant Finance (Computational Finance)

I just got back from the GMAT test.
Unsure if my stats are good for these schools, because they don't show stats much.
  • Work experience:
    • 3-month internship at nameless tech startup - first marketing hire
    • Indie marketing contractor for a few other startups, including one SaaS for databases, one SaaS for venture capital management, and one marketing agency
    • 1 year marketing role & 5-month data role at top US startup in equity crowdfunding, team member number 10th
  • Extra curriculars:
    • Volunteer at largest Europe tech event
    • Volunteer at 500 Startups (advising one portfolio company)
  • Undergrad school/major:
    • Top business university in the Nordics
    • Major: international business; Minor: finance
    • I haven't graduated yet, but will graduate in July 2019
  • Other education/coursework:
    • A lot of Coursera specializations (specialization = group of many courses with one capstone project)
    • DataCamp's data scientist track
  • Race/nationality: Asian
  • Sex: M - 22 yo
  • GMAT Score (include breakdown!): 740 (Q50 - V40 - IR6, don't know AW yet)
  • Undergrad GPA: 4.33 over 5.00 or 3.46 over 4.00 (top 10% of class) - I haven't graduated yet, but will graduate in July 2019
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