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Projects in C++


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So basically, I am pretty close to finishing the Baruch MFE c++ course with about 50 or so days to spare(I am not submitting the final homework at this time). But I was hoping to find projects to do in C++. And I am pretty lost for finding ideas. Aside from doing algorithms questions from a book(EPI book). So I am just looking out for projects to do and I have no idea what projects to do. I am just going over coding questions from various topics in dynamic programming,graphs,primitives etc. But I need a solid project to do to show on resume. Something related to finance. Now I hoping that I can create various projects with QT framework and maybe create UI for biomial pricing/black scholes/Asian options etc?
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Andy Nguyen

Pretty impressive progress on the C++ program @danishdanish
We at QuantNet were actually planning to host a collaborate/brainstorming area here that accessible to all C++ graduates. We have a pretty big number of the C++ alumni that are now working in the industry worldwide so I'm sure with enough participation and interest, we will gather lot of idea and projects people can collaborate on.
Once you are done with the C++, consider doing the advanced C++ or Python course to make yourself a well-rounded developer.
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