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Python Online Certificate Students' intro thread


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Objective: Learn and feel confident in using Python before joining MFE program in September.

Programming Experience: C++ for Financial Engineering certification, Matlab, some R, and some Python

Work Experience: Will be joining Columbia's MSFE program this September.

Intended Pace of Program: My goal is to finish the course before my program starts. This would give me 8 weeks from today to finish the course. Finishing this course while starting my first semester would be a difficult task.


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objective: be a better python industry programmer

programming experience: mostly python for data science and quantitative analysis, have done some C#, SQL

work experience: prev trading research at asset management firm, currently quant analyst at a pension

intended pace of program: 4-6 hours a week


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Objective: Learn and feel confident in using Python in day to day work. Trying to get a refresher.

Programming Experience: C++ for Financial Engineering certification. Heavy usage in python for data analysis and building back tests

Work Experience: 1 year+

Intended Pace of Program: My goal is to finish the course in 12 weeks and get a good refresher in the my python programming


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Objective: Getting my feet wet with Python especially with application to Finance.

Programming Experience: Beginner C, C++ and R.

Work Experience: 4 year software project management + 2 year in venture capital.

Intended Pace of Program: Hoping to dedicate at least an hour every day.


Objective: the goal is to feel comfortable and confident with Python, prepping for MFE

Programming Experience: Some R, Matlab, Python

Work Experience: Credit Risk management, some research in Econ

Intended Pace of Program: Finish sooner than the deadline, but I won't rush just to "finish early" the goal is to learn as much as possible.


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Objective: I am a rising senior in Mathematics and Economics, looking for RA/intern opportunities in Quant Finance and Econ, and preparing for MFE/ Econometrics Programs. My goal is to be proficient in Python, especially for using it in Finance and Econ application. I hope I will be more confident with my coding skills after this course.

Programming Experience: Matlab for Numerical Methods, STATA for Econometrics, Intro to Python, Data Structure in Java

Work Experience: Summer Intern in Lending/Fin-Tech

Intended Pace of Program: 4-6 hours/week. I hope I can finish the course around Nov.


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Objective: Broaden the knowledge of programming in Python - especially programming in Python in a finance context.

Programming Experience: Some C++, R, and Python

Work Experience: 3+ year in Finance

Intended Pace of Program: Try to stay on top of the schedule