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Quant Centers in Europe

Dear readers,
I would like to collect some opinions on where (if any) quant hiring is currently occurring in continental Europe. Where are the major quant centers in Europe? Are there large barriers to entry for a bilingual American? Thanks.
I found languages and the visa issue to be 2 major barriers for myself (as I'm already white).

For languages, I think French and German are the big ones and then anything beyond that is even better. It's hard for Americans to compete in languages because if we learn another language it's usually only one other language; while in continental Europe, a student may learn 2-4 languages in the course of their normal education.

Right now is not the best time to be trying to get a visa in Europe. But even in the best of times, you have to be able to provide some skill, knowledge, or experience that the firm cannot readily get from a EU job candidate.
Europe (+Russia and Israel) is the most challenging place for people from other countries. It is where the most clever people in the world live. American principles doesn't work well there.