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Quant job with a PhD in computational semiconductor physics.

Hi everyone
I graduated last year from my PhD in simulations in semiconductor physics. I wrote C++ code, theoretical development of models and validation .
On the side I got a CS degree while I did my PhD and I stated to work as SW engineer. Basically High performance computing and ML/ DL courses and statistical learning theory. I did all at ETH Zurich, one top school of Europe and the world.

The point is that I moved to the USA and I have a working permit and visa, due to my husband.
I would like to ask you, how are my chances to become a quant here in the USA and do you think is a good idea, I pursue a program in financial engineering here in the USA to enter the market?
I tried to get a job in Zurich in the UBS as the part of financial fraud, managed to get to the final round but I was not selected.
Thank you very much for your advice
Before your pursue a MFE try applying to off-cycle quant internships in banks. All most every bank have a program. I'm sure with your background you should be able to get some interviews. If you get one then you will have high chance of getting a full time job if you do well. Now given COVID banks maybe reducing the intern class size, but going through the interview process will at least give you some indication of what you are missing and if an MFE will be the option forward.
You should stand a decent chance of landing a quant dev role. Maybe not immediately (thanks, Covid!), so be patient.

Many entry level quant roles don't require extensive familiarity with finance. I'm sure you can master the basic concepts by yourself.

Do you have a vision for what type of Quant you want to be?
Hi Complex unit. I took a curse of quantitavie risk model and machine learning in finance. I guess I will pass for a model validation quant.
Yes this problem with COVID, is hard but I am willing to Star with any Inter or a y chance someone gives me.