Quant jobs/Investment banking School transcripts


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Hello guys,

So I am graduate student in FE and I will start shortly looking for quant positions. I would be also interested in those jobs in investment banking. I have a decent gpa (3.5). My grades in highly quantitative classes is good although not excellent. The thing is that I am taking this Times Series class this semester and I am a bit scared I might be getting a low grade in that one (C+ or B-). I feel the professor makes the class so hard so he might surprise us at the end by curving. However, I am worried if I get a bad grade then i will be rejected in highly quantitative positions. Do you guys think getting a bad grade in that class would actually be a big deal? I am concerned they might ask for my transcript and see, although I actually dont know if companies ask for it. i would really appreciate if you guys could share your thoughts. thank you!