Quant Pay Survey


Quant Headhunter
Entry level pay is surprisingly hard to extract accurately because of the effect of partial years, and we don't analyse at the granularity of the EU since the variance is so great as to cause it to be meaningless.
For London Year 1 Quant Developer Pay is in £K

Base Bonus Benefits
High 80,2,4
Low 22, 1,
Mean 33,2,1
Thanks for that breakdown!
Only a 2k bonus, more symbolic than an actual bonus, I assume a way to avoid the new high bonus tax.
Total comp seems a good deal lower than NYC and the low range looks low for any devel.
I thought London was just as expensive in terms of living costs, any reason for the lower mean comp, does it rise sharply later?
33k for a year 1 London quant dev ?!?

In London you would get that being a monkey in Back Office at an IB in year 1! that's madness!