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Quant programs


I'm from Perú and I'm interesed on a quant program in europe or in Usa. Unfortunately, my grades at my bachelor un economics are really bad. However, I did a máster degree in statistics and my GPA improved. (It was 3 on bachelor and 3.80 on máster). I also hace beeing working as quant un Peru and i got promoted two times in less than 3 years. Also I took gmat test and i score 740. Also i got FRM and Cqf certification and I Will complete the micromaster un financie of MIT. So I was Wonder about my chance to get into a top máster program. I know that my bachelor sucks, but the other thing I did could help me yo improved my application??

The programs I Will like yo apply are the following:

MFE Berckley
computational financie carnegie mellon
Computational finance Georgeatec

LBS máster in finance with concentración in quant.
Lse quantitative risk management

Ku leuven
Bocconi manfinrisk
Ámsterdan quantitative finance
Afi finanzas cuantitativas.
Efpl financian enginering
Vienna university