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Quantitative Developer role, mid-size hedge fund, Singapore (redux)

Hello Quants,

My name is Donny. I work in the quantitative research department of a mid-size hedge fund that trades in currencies. Recently, I made a job advertisement in this exact same forum titled "Quantitative Developer role, mid-size hedge fund, Singapore". This is a redux of that because after weeks of searching, we still can't find a suitable candidate. I talked with management and got a better understanding of what they want.

We seek a quantitative analyst / developer to join the company. At our current stage of increased AUM and wanting to explore proprietary strategies, we need someone to fulfil this role. It is in Singapore. Given the specificity of the candidate we want, I'll be as concise as I can in the job description.

Ideally the candidate should have
- Some ideas on trading using technical analysis.
- Have been exposed to the workings of a financial institute by way of internships or trips.
- Have written good, but not necessarily exceptional, code in C++ and Java in the form of software assessed by a company or a school.
- A well versed education, displayed most probably by coursework, in graduate level mathematics namely in the fields of stochastic calculus, measure theory and statistical inference. Publications are not required but a good understanding is preferred.
- Graduated from a top 20 US school, a top 10 UK school or a top 3 Singapore school.

As a minimum, the candidate should have
- One year of C++ experience in the form of coursework or work experience.
- A familiarity of basic programming concepts namely subclasses, inheritance, abstract classes and threads.
- A degree in a technical discipline.
- An interest in financial markets in the form of very minimal understanding and appreciation in macro trends, market structures and currency outlook.

The fund is founded by traders who previously worked at banks namely Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS. They have been around for a good ten years and are rather profitable each year since.

For those interested, please email me with your resume at quantdonny@yahoo.com (work email not used to keep anonymity). Do follow up in this thread for additional queries.

Junior Quantitative Developer
Dear Donny
What time would like to enroll ? I am going to graduate next year. Is there a chance for me to get in touch with you?
I have a bachelor degree in computer science and will continue my education in Applied Statistics in one of OXbridge.