Quantitative Excel Course

Would you be interested in furthering your Excel skills?

  • Yes, as a (series of) lectures

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  • Yes, as a webinar

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Yes, as an e-book

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Yes, as something else (please leave a comment)

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  • No

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New Member
The great thing about Excel is that just about anyone can do something useful with it. But this low barrier to entry also means that you can get useful results doing things very inefficiently. I would like to find out whether there is an appetite for courses dedicated to learning how to use Excel efficiently. This could be a webinar, live lectures, e-books, or any other modality. Topics covered would be how to use Excel, the most useful Excel functions, applications to equity, to fixed income, illustration of foundational principles (Monte Carlo, Brownian motion, PDE's, hedging, curve building, ...), DB access, HTML request, building add-ins, or anything else for which there is an appetite.
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