QuantNet 2013-2014 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering

QuantNet is proud to announce the release of our second publication
QuantNet 2013-2014 International Guide to Financial Engineering


Our inaugural edition has been an extremely useful companion guide to the field of financial engineering for many students. It has been downloaded over 10,000 times since its debut. The 2013-2014 Guide has many new and updated contents, among them 2013-14 ranking of quantitative finance programs, career advice from top Wall Street executive, etc.

"Big Data" is an important topic these days, not only in finance but also other industries where quantitative skills are in high demand. We have it covered in this guide. You will learn what it means, how to prepare and reinvent yourself for this growing job market.

To share/download the Guide, use quantnet.com/guide
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Any chance there will be a 'Kindle friendly' (or other non-PDF format) version of the "QuantNet International Guide..." comming up? Perhaps this is more of an idea for the next year's guide.
Amazing job, as always. Congratulations, as someone said before, on being the go to place for information, advice, and great discussions.