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Quantnet migrated to new SERVER

Yes seems it takes less time to load the page and switch from Home to Forum and vise. I read your first post and was still waiting for some break while switching.

Good to hear. Click on some articles on the front page and see how fast it loads.
We moved to a cloud server with much more beefed up specs and ready to expand for future growth.

Yes I checked and it is really faster Andy. Will be interesting to hear the opinions from other members also, but it's very noticeable on my computer.
Sure Rob
I'll make a detailed post down the road but here is the quick list.
We move to a cloud server on Rackspace running latest version of Ubuntu. We use separate servers for web and SQL.
The biggest change we made is to replace Apache with nginx. With a very aggressive caching scheme and using enterprise level CDN service, it shows. Compared to the previous server we used for the past few years, it's like moving to a posh mansion from a cramped railroad studio.
And it helps that Quantnet has very talented server admin people and developers working with a modern platform.
It's a great move. RackSpace is top notch.

In terms of speed, it's fast. All I can think of to make it even faster is checking the caching settings of the site.

For WP there are plugins for that, for XF no idea. Most likely you can just wait, as Kier has stated he wants XF 1.1 to be ready for the big boards. That's mostly about search result speed, but surely caching would be optimized too for that release.