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QuantNet online course - An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering - Enrollment open

Dear Friends,

The online course An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering: Model-independent relationships vs. Black-Scholes created by Prof. Dan Stefanica and offered by QuantNet will open for enrollment on September 30.

The course covers topics directly relevant to quant job interviews (interview questions videos are included for multiple sections) as well as to graduate studies in financial engineering. It reflects the experience of Prof. Stefanica, a best-selling author and educator in financial engineering, who has been fostering highly successful careers for the graduates of the Baruch MFE program for over 15 years.

The course syllabus and more info can be found at Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering

Course Content – Highlights

  • Put-Call parity arbitrage with bid-ask spreads
  • Convexity of option prices
  • Options trading strategies
  • Implementing market views using options strategies
  • Three variables underlying the Black-Scholes formulas: log moneyness, total standard deviation, present value of the forward price
  • Greeks dependence on spot price, volatility, maturity: Black-Scholes framework and intuition
  • Estimating dividend rates from market data using OLS
Interview Questions – Highlights

  • Convexity arbitrage
  • Bull spreads, bear spreads, butterfly spreads, straddles, strangles
  • Return enhancement strategies
  • Implementing market views using options strategies
  • Greeks and model-independent relationships
  • Time value of options
  • Greeks dependence on option spot price, volatility, maturity
  • Implied volatility for options trading strategies
About the author: Dan Stefanica has been the Director of the Baruch MFE Program since its inception in 2002. A best-selling author whose research spans financial engineering, numerical analysis, graph theory, and geophysical fluid dynamics, Dan was a silver medalist at the International Mathematics Olympiad and coached the MIT and NYU teams for the William Lowell Putnam math competition.

Start Date: The course will open for 40 students on September 30. The next registration date will be November 12.

Teaching Assistant: Every student will be assigned a teaching assistant to assist in the learning process. The teaching assistant for the first 40 students will be Prof. Rados Radoicic of the Baruch MFE faculty and co-author of the best-selling quant interviews book "150 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Quant Interviews".

Time Frame: The course must be completed within 16 weeks.

Tuition: $1,450

Format: The course consists of five levels, with video lectures, interview questions videos, on-line quizzes, and homeworks. The course concludes with a final exam proctored online by the teaching assistant.

Certification: A Certificate of Completion will be issued to students who pass the final exam and obtain a 70% or higher average. A Certificate of Completion with Distinction will be awarded to students with 90% or higher average.

Registration: Sign up at QuantNet Forms and specify whether you are interested in the September 30 or November 12 enrollment date in the Comments section. Students are assigned to the selected enrollment date in the order in which they register.

Registration for the September 30 enrollment date will close once all 40 seats are assigned.
Hi Andy, what is the prior knowledge this course assumes us to know? I mean what're the prerequisites for joining this course?
Hi Andy, wondering if it's too late to register the course?
Not at all. You just have to make sure you can plan your schedule to do both course at the same time. We have many C++ graduates who took the Options course to get a better intuition so they can do better during interviews for jobs/internship.