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Random Member Photo Thread


In order to gage interest in a photo gallery feature on Quantnet, or a photo forum, I am starting this random photo thread.

Feel free to post any (decent) photo here. It might be the best photo you ever took, a picture from your vacation, a baby photo, or something else.

To post an image, you must click the image icon above and enter the URL for a photo. The photo will have to be on some other Web site.

Alternatively, you can include the photo as an attachment, but we won't be able to view it directly in the thread. If you do this, please, no big files!

I've decided to start it off with a picture of my mother. This photo is among thousands that I inherited from my grandfather. Don't we look alike?



Just to keep the post going here is a pic of me and my sister when we were younger in Veracruz, Mexico.



Faculty (Undercover)
My puppy Newton, who loves the snow.

Chris, what were you doing in Mexico?

Bob, nice depth-of-field in that puppy shot. (nice puppy too)
The pic below, IMO, is one of the top photos I've ever taken. (Notice that I am in the shot... where's Woody?)


doug reich

Some guy
Our first snow in 2008 and a few pics from behind our building

You're quick - it's still falling!

My inner child likes the snow, my outer adult dislikes it for the hassle of shoveling. (It's a lie, I like shoveling the snow. I just don't like HAVING to shovel it.)
Mr. Madoff

Mr. Madoff


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