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Rapidly growing proprietary trading firm seeking portfolio managers

To graduates of top Financial Engineering/Mathematics programs:

Sharada Capital Management is a quantitative proprietary trading firm founded in 2009 and head-quartered in Chicago. We are a tight-knit and nimble team of self-starters who cover technology, risk management, quantitative analysis, and trading with equal aplomb. We strongly encourage portfolio manager candidates to consider the exciting opportunity below:

Position Overview:

We are a leading player in the FX markets and have been rapidly growing our presence in futures markets worldwide. We are seeking experienced candidates with outstanding track records and strong academic credentials to join our team. These portfolio managers will be responsible for building + running high-sharpe algorithmic strategies on our world-class technology platform.

Job Qualifications:
  • Have an exceptional track record (trading on real capital for 1+ years)
  • Possess a Ph.D. or M.S. degree from a top tier institution in a quantitative field, such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, etc.
  • Have intermediate to strong programming skills (acquired academically or through hands-on experience); C++ preferred
  • Have superior critical thinking and analytical skills, combined with creativity, innate curiosity, and attention to detail
  • Possess a relentless drive to succeed, supplemented by a strong work ethic
If interested, please contact:

Abhiram Vijayasarathy