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Reality Check on Profile


I'm looking for a quick reality check on my profile for a quant finance master course or a general MFE.

-Joint honours Math and Social Science degree from top 10 UK uni (think Bristol/Durham/UCL/Warwick)
-A* a level math
-All first class Math grades, overall 2.1 (1% from first, 3.8 GPA)
-Done general math methods, linear algebra, a physics module, a game theory module, a programming module, a math logic module (all first class)
-Postgrad certificate from lower tier UK uni (part time) in Pure Math
-Merit (69%, 3.8GPA) (Real Analysis 61, Abstract Math 1 73, Advanced Calculus 83, Abstract Math 2 57)
-A few online Statistics courses (proctored exam, known to be difficult)

-Work experience as a Software engineer and in Data Automation Consulting for Bulge bracket traders (<1 year)

Looking to apply anywhere with decent job prospects. Can be anywhere in the world. Thinking about
- Washington Uni
- Fordham
- Imperial
- Warwick
- Boston Uni

Given my experience, I think I'd be best suited towards Quant Dev, but would love to be a strat or work in data analysis/risk management. I;m very interested in fixed income and in quant portfolio management.

Is it realistic for me to land a place at any of uni with solid job prospects, especially given my math background is a bit shaky and my grades are good but not outstanding. I'm good at interviewing, so I think even a place with 80% good outcome I should be alright. I've got some LeetCode under my belt already and have gotten to a final round interview with a Big Tech firm using my LeetCode skills.