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Do quants engage in recession analysis or is this fairly exclusive to economists?

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hi, I guess they would be doing analysis a little differently from economists -- who concentrate on the big picture.. quants would be mre interested in more focussed analysis of say credit quality of risky companies, interest rate analysis for bonds etc..


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I've been watching in sheer consternation the amount of volatility in the financial markets right now. With the Bear Stearns collapse, the Freddie and Fannie bailout, the IndyMac fallout, the mortgage/ sub- prime debacle, the energy crisis, etc. I wonder if all these events are mutually exclusive with the job market / options for MFE grads. I would think that there would at least be an effect with the big houses (Goldman, Citi, etc) pulling back on hiring because of their losses. Would the current situation be ranked on the same level as the dot com bust in 2000? Is there an FE solution the current credit crisis? Any insights will be appreciated...