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Recommended Professor

There is a young professor who graduated from Cornell University and joined University of calgary after a postdoc in York University. She is funded by NSERC, very knowlegable and active researcher.
Her name is Deniz Sezer, you may find her in the following links:
University of Calgary, Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Alberta, Canada has high rating and job market specially in energy industry is in a good condition right now in Calgary. Mathematical and Finance lab in university of calgary is actively work with practitioners in downtown calgary.
Deniz Sezer is a very good prof to work with. I highly recommend her to PhD/Masters applicant. GL guys.
What is the point of this post?
Why are you recommending her?
Who are you recommending her to? (Just some random people on Quant net)
I am very confused as well. This almost smells like spam! It's on two threads so far.

EDIT: It's on 3 threads...

And its this guys only posts. Very spammy.
Hi guys, I'm new in the forum. I'll be active hopefully ;)
The point is that typically students are familiar with old famous profs in universities but a lot of these young prof actually are more active. Some prof get lazy after passing tenureship period. I am recomending her to PhD/Masters applicant especially those who want to end up to energy industry. I have no idea if she accpets any new student or not but I do know that she has NSERC fund for her studetns. You may check yourself to see if her research area is anyhow near to urs.
So why are you spamming threads with this information? Why help her? Do you know her? Are you really her?

What is the deal? Do you think people are really going to care after seeing this every where?
I am not helping her. Come on, I am helping applicant to get know new profs in the field. It's very pessimistic to think that a prof would be that cheap to come and post a thread to advertise for herself. Yes, I do know her background accademic and publications. You may take or leave my recommendation. I'm not saying that she is the best prof ever but perhaps chance of getting admission through her would be higher that having the most famous prof in a high rated school. It can be just in ur basket to be safe enough.
Joe let me give you some advice. No professor ever made it big by being posted about on forums. Professors become well know if:
  • They have full 5 stars on RateMyProfessor.com from thousands of students
  • They write books (Shreve, Strang, ...)
  • They have been teaching for years and built up a huge fan base
There is no easy street for becoming a popular professor. Also, being smart and knowledgeable is by no means proof that your friend will be a good or even decent professor. I suggest you let the future takes its course. If she's really that good we will hear about her soon.
First of all, she is not my friend. Secondly, all good profs starts from somewhere. When they get that big, it's very competitive to become their students. Finally, I have some other more important things to do that just back and forth here with u, if u don't have any. I just posted this thread for whoever is searching for profs, that's all.