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Quasar Chunawala

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I am trying to model points in the [TEX]{R}^{2}[/TEX] in a C++ program - chapter 4 of Introduction to C++ for financial engineers. I am working on Ubuntu - gc++ compiler with Eclipse as the IDE.

While building the project, the compilation works good. The linker throws an undefined reference error.

Building target: PointDemo
Invoking: GCC C++ Linker
g++ -o "PointDemo" ./Point.o ./TestPoint.o
./Point.o: In function `Point:: Point()':
/home/quasar/workspace/PointDemo/Debug/../Point.cpp:14: undefined reference to `vtable for Point'

Do the arguments to g++ -o need to supplied in a specific order?

I apologize that the question is not pertaining to C++ syntax as such, but rather a configuration issue. I googled, but I can't resolve the error.
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Daniel Duffy

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It's a question of knowing the compilation and linking processes.

Code looks like verbatim copy. What happened to author's copyright?
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Daniel Duffy

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No problem.

edit: Anyways, the whole point about programming is to spend as long as it takes to solve compiler problems. You cannot expect others to debug your code for you.

Maybe take a simpler example.
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