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Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
I figured I would give some introduction to the resources we have at the Wasserman trading Floor / Subotnick Center. If you all read this post, then we will not have to waste time on it (except for any further questions you might have) when we meet on Thursday April 26.

The entire space (7,200 square feet) is called the Subotnick Financial Services Center and within the Center we have a seminar room, software development classroom, research room and of course the Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor. I have attached a PowerPoint file with a rough outline of the the different spaces.

The Center is located on the first floor of the Newman Library Building (151 E. 25th street between Lexington and 3rd ave.). You'll need your Baruch ID card to get into the building.

The official home page for the Center is

The main software resources we have are:
- Reuters 3000XTra 5.0 (includes Kobra, PowerPlus Pro and the Adfin API)
- Bloomberg
- TradeStation version 8.2
- FirstCall / Thomson One Analytics
- Crystal Ball Professional (Monte Carlo simulations within MS Excel)
- Barra Aegis and Cosmos (Risk Management platform)
- Vhayu TraderBot market scanner and Velocity database
- TraderEx and Rotman Interactive Trader simulations

With the exception of Bloomberg, we run all of the above on all of machines.

In the Development Classroom, we have Visual Studio.NET 2005, Oracle and Sun Java development tools, Eclipse and tools to connect to our internal Oracle and SQL Server databases. The machines have access to the Reuters API and (shortly) the Interactive Brokers API. We will also be deploying the Vhayu Vision user interface and API for the Vhayu Velocity tick database.

Every Fall and Spring semester, we run a series of Workshops that are free to all Baruch students, faculty and staff. The workshops include:
- Reuters I (The basics of Reuters Kobra and Equities)
- Reuters II (PowerPlus Pro Excel add-in to access Reuters data)
- Analyzing and Monitoring Futures Markets using Reuters
- Analyzing and Monitoring Options Markets using Reuters
- Analyzing and Monitoring Foreign Exchange Markets using Reuters
- Analyzing and Monitoring Fixed Income and Bond Markets using Reuters
- Introduction to Technical Analysis using Reuters

You may visit this page to sign up for the workshops:

All of the above are fully interactive. We post the handouts for the workshop on our BlackBoard community (click here for instructions on accessing the tutorials:
During the workshop, the instructor goes through the discussion and steps while the participants follow along and carry out the same steps on their workstations. The handouts we have for each workshop are also rather easy to follow on your own if you are keen to learn these on your own time.

We also offer an Introduction to Bloomberg workshop, however this is more of a "show and tell" kind of presentation since we only have two Bloomberg terminals.

If after attending one of our workshops (and/or working through the workshop handouts), you have any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. we would love to hear them.

Faculty in a variety of disciplines bring their classes to the trading floor for "class sessions". For example, Prof. Martinez will spend some time talking about the basics of equity markets in his regular classroom and then he will bring his class to the trading floor for a trading simulation or perhaps to build some portfolios using the Reuters data. Some classes such as my Financial IT course and Prof. Donefer's Risk Management Systems courses are always held in the Center.

Finally, we do periodically host professional training courses where we bring in people from industry for training in capital markets.

You may view all of our different events and schedule on the Center's calendar:

When there are no events going on, the trading floor can be used as an open computer lab. In certain cases, if an event is going on in the trading floor, we can get students into the Development Classroom to carry out their work. This only happens under special circumstances.

If you ever have a question about when or if the Center can be used, feel free to call our front desk (646-312-1543) or send me an e-mail (my contact info is on the Center's home page under the "Contact us" link).

I intend to start a few other threads about some specific topics/projects that I would suggest.


Prof. H.


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