Resume included in Application


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Most FE programs require candidates to submit a 'professional-quality resume'. My question is: How closely is this looked at (eg as a supplement to my SOP or is it just a formality for applicants) and how important is this for people with no work experience?


I think it is quite important and reveals a great deal about your academic and working life. It is worth putting forth some serious efforts into it.


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Also, I was just completing the online application and saw no field where I could report my GRE Subject Test Score. Can anyone please tell me where to mention it?


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Im really sorry to add another query to my already sizeable number of existing queries, but would anyone know when Baruch will be reviewing the first batch of applications, and approximately when offers will be sent out?
Would anyone atleast know when this happened last year?


Baruch MFE Director
We began reviewing applications. You will be able to check the status of your application on-line soon.


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I also have a small but very concerning doubt.
I submitted my application around 19th of dec. I haven't recieved any mail, except that my application has been submitted online successfully - Iam actually concerned if all my scores and transcripts have reached Baruch or not.
Does Baruch send any mail when they have recieved all the documents?


Andy Nguyen

For applicants who submitted before Dec 18th, the Online Application Status system will be online sometime tomorrow. Check the Baruch MFE website for the link.

For those submitted after Dec 18th, check back in a couple of days.

You should receive a snail mail from Baruch indicating if they receive everything or something is missing. You have only submitted it 2 weeks ago. Give it some time.