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retaking classes

So I am going back to school part time while working to get the prerequisits, and I am finding I am not doing so well in the in my calc2 class. Not for lack of understanding the material, which I didn't find to be difficult, but for example I didn't finish the test and got poor grades and transposition errors kill me. I am looking to get a B in the class hopefully. I had mixed results in the calc1 with an A- and a B- as it was split up.

I know grades matter, but I don't know how I should proceed. Is it better to drop the class and retake it, or is it better to just do well in the higher level, say calc3 class?

Additional, can the math subject test make up for any poor grades.

Thanks for any advice.
Don't underestimate the amount of preparation and knowledge required to perform well on the GRE Math subject test. It is designed for Math PhD applicants so mastery of calculus courses is assumed.
Frankly, what you described your Cal 2 does not exactly instill great confidence in me that you will do well in GRE Math subject and other higher level courses.
Depends on your college's policy, you may take an approved W which does not affect your overall GPA and retake it. If you get B or C in this course and retake it for A, some colleges may not calculate the retake course in the overall GPA.
There are lots of ways to prove yourself even with a bad grade. If I were you I would take Calc 3 and see how you do. From my personal experience, I had A- in Calc I, did terrible in Calc II and got a C, but then in Calc III I had an A- and finished off Calc IV with an A+. It took a lot of hard work and I have had all A-,A, or A+ in the rest of my math courses since the C in Calc II. It is really all you can do. Retaking the course doesn't show much of anything in my opinion (not that mine is worth anything either).

Jose T

Rutgers MSMF
I went back to school after more than four years and took calc3 five years after calc2 (and then went on to take calc4 + 5, linear algebra and various other grad courses). I was also working when I went back to school.

I sympathize with how tough it is to do both school and work, but it seems like you are underestimating the material and your need to master it (apparently it is "easy").

I really don't think one B on your transcript is going to kill your chances for admission to any MFE. However, my point is you really need to be fluent in calculus or your education is going to be pretty miserable.

Try to do as well as you can in the course. But take your struggles as a warning to return to the material and get it down pat before starting grad courses.
Depends on how much time you have. If time is an issue then take higher level math courses and get As. Under limited time, it would be better to get more exposure in math than to keep retaking classes. If time isn't an issue then retake them, get As and have a higher GPA. If you get an A in calc3 and onwards, then your B will be more of a fluke than a testament to your ability.
Thank you all, your comments are greatly appreciated. Yes time is very much my biggest constraint as I am working full time.