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Columbia University Operation Research program

Review of Columbia University Operation Research MSOR program

As a graduate from MSOR class of 19' I couldn't be more grateful for my experience at this program. The program gives tremendous flexibility to choose courses that combine financial engineering and data science which gives an in-depth knowledge of finance and programming. The alumni base is also very helpful and broad. I personally got a referral from an alumnus at a big US investment bank and I joined the Equity Portfolio Analytics desk. I would strongly recommend this program to people who are interested in Quantitative Finance and/or Data Analytics as it uniquely combines the good of both worlds. The program starts by building the foundational blocks of knowledge with courses such as Optimization, Stochastic Calculus, and Programming in Python (even if you feel comfortable in Python you will get a deep understanding of how to code as a computer scientist). I believe this MSc at Columbia is a great investment that can't lose over the long term!