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Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by tom morrisss, 4/14/11.

Review of Stevens Institute of Technology MFE program

Stevens MFE is a master program under the School of Systems and Enterprises

  1. tom morrisss

    tom morrisss Guest

    I graduated the Stevens EMTM (masters in technology management, which is a few classes shorter than the EMBA). Good program but Stevens would do well to better integrate quantitative finance into the EMBA/EMTM curriculum as well - perhaps making quantitative finance a possible concentration.
  2. Christinah

    Christinah New Member

    Decent program with nice professors! Also the Hanlon Financial Lab provides students with access to Bloomberg and Thomson Reutus data, giving us opportunities to sharpen the financial skills.
  3. Hanchao Yang

    Hanchao Yang New Member

    As a Phd student in Financial Engineering, I would like to say Stevens has one of the best financial labs in the US. Our corporate partners are ConvergEx, Bloomberg, ICAP, Reuters, Gain Capital, etc. The high-frequency financial data from Reuters Tickhistory and News Analytics strongly support my research.Our professors have projects from Sloan Foundation, SEC, CFTC, ICAP, Accenture, Deloitte and many other places. The graduate students have chance to go to Jefferies for an intern as part of FE800 course. Co-op program is also available to FE students.
  4. Abraheme

    Abraheme New Member
      C++ Level 1

    Any more updates on this?
  5. Alfam Kali

    Alfam Kali New Member

    My friend spend 50K to get MFE from stevens and has not found a job for three years. He now drives a cab in NY to pay his bills.
    I got MFE for free from WorldQuant and landed a job with investment bank in two months.
    WorldQuant University - Master of Science in Financial Engineering
  6. NoobQuant

    NoobQuant New Member

    Yeah, I am pretty sure that this is exactly what's happened.
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