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UCB MFE Round 1 interview invite

marco di bartolo

Well-Known Member
I just got an invite for an interview for Berkeley. What should I review? or whatever info you might have. Are the questions based on your studies? I'm from an economics and management bachelor, so I did not study econometrics or ODE/PDE or stochastic staff, what should I focus on?
Thanks a lot!!


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They'll ask questions based on your background. i.e, If you haven't learnt stuffs like PDE, you can explain and that won't hurt you.
Basically, calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics account for over 80% questions.


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You mean like basic integration and differentiation problems to solve? Along with eigen values, determinants, etc? That kind?
My questions covered econometrics, probability, programming and finance. Questions on what I was alrd familiar with - metrics and probability - were not difficult (basic undergrad level) and for the rest I simply told the interviewer I plan to study them before the course begins. He was cool with that.

Anyway the admissions site says that the interview does not affect admission decision, but instead informs as to what pre-courses they want you to take, should you be offered a place:

"The purpose of the interview is for the admissions committee to gain a better understanding of your skill set and to understand what you may need to do in order to better prepare for the program should you be offered hold or admit status.

The interviewers are not members of the admissions committee, nor do the interviews determine the admissions decisions."