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RSVP: Gus Tsahas on Algorithmic Trading

Our alumni Gus Tsahas is going to share his thoughts on algorithmic trading and related to it topics. This is the first event in preparation to the Interactive Brokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad. Just a reminder, that according to the rules of Olympiad "Each Student's plan must be his or her own work and not infringe upon or plagiarize the works or intellectual property rights of any third party." Therefore, don't expect to obtain a ready-made trading plan or a strategy. Gus will share useful info and point out some directions to think in. The rest is will be up to you.

When: Fri Oct 5th at 6:00PM
Where: 6-140
Who: any interested students

The above is tentative schedule. Final arrangements will be decided based on the number of participants and the speaker's availability.
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Thanks, Andy.

I fixed that, but it dropped all people who've registered before.
Let's see how many people are interested. It may be too crowded for QN Lab if we have 20 people or more. I don't think Gus will need Bloomberg or something like that.


Faculty (Undercover)
...and Grand Saloon afterwards!