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Hi All,

I got accepted to Rutgers MQF Program and Stevens Institute of Technology MFE program. I do not know which one is a better choice. Can someone give me some advise on the school?

I am looking to be risk management consultant.
Hi all,

Wondering if there has been any updates on this? I've researched and met faculty members of both programs but as far as faculty goes, they both do a good job at selling the program.

I've also found this article which ranks Stevens as #2 but I am concerned of its validity??
25 Great Master of Financial Engineering Programs 2015

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

@Andy Nguyen

The ranking is useless. These are the criteria they used to score the programs:

Innovative program offerings

  • Online courses – 1 point
  • Evening courses – 1 point
  • Part-time options – 1 point
Program options

  • Availability of a concentration – 2 points
  • Student engagement in the field-internship or project – 3 points

No mention of faculty quality, student / employer feedback, mean salary after graduation, placement rate, nada.
@Andy Nguyen if you had to pick between either one, with in state tuition which one would you lean more towards? Rutgers Business School has a decent rep, however in their rankings in tfe they have dropped quite a lot. Stevens on the other hand has moved from 17th to 13th.

Thanks in advance!

wondering if there is any update on this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!