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Rutgers MSMF Rutgers MSMF or Stevens Institute MFE?


I have admit from Rutgers MSMF and Stevens Institute Of Technology MFE part-time program starting Fall 2011. Here are pros-cons which I found abt the two and confused where shud I go.
a) Rutgers Better Ranking and renowned University. b) Better professors. c) Good Campus and coursework.

Cons to go at Rutgers:
a) I have to take a pre-req at Rutgers. b) Rutgers is far from place I stay and work. Stevens is much nearby. c)Fees per credit at Rutgers is higher than Stevens. d) Rutgers Coursework is not as flexible at Stevens. There are only 3 electives. e) MSMF is much Math related while MFE at Stevens is bit programming & Finance.

Please comment and advice. Btw i am still waiting for NYU response about my admit..:(.
Thanks for the reply Barbie... R u from Rutgers too..? I have few more questions abt. coursework and student life there..
No I will be going to rutgers this fall.. and frankly im not the right person to answer Course work related queries cuz im myself new to the field :)
Ok..Thanks..what's ur profile...where else did u get admit from...?? I am planning for part-time study so not sure if I wud go rutgers...
I would drop "brand-name" factor from my consideration.
Rutgers and Stevens are both decent (tier 2) schools and their "street-cred" is almost interchangeable.

tier2 = Not NYU, Princeton, Cornell, CMU and the like
From taking several MSMF courses at Rutgers (due to significant overlap with MS stats and occasionally having seen a friend's account for other courses)...I really don't see what's so good about the program. They have a basic C++ programming course that more or less goes through Savitch's absolute C++, the guy who runs the program from what I've heard is not a nice guy whose classes take up half the time that students spend on homework in the semester, and their quant career system is...lacking...to say the least.

The program IMO gives a basic background in the usual financial math if that, and the extra $3,000 per semester as compared to an MS in stats for the added career placement IMO is an absolute burning of money.

In the end, I didn't get my job through Rutgers, but rather through sheer searching-on-LinkedIn luck.


Caveat Emptor.
Hi Shrivk,
I have graduated from the Rutgers MSMF and know a couple of the students from the Stevens program and from what I hear the Stevens program is relatively new so I imagine it would be harder to find classes clearly dedicated to the subject of Math Finance, however, this doesn't mean that the quality of education will be worse because it will mean more research on your part. On the other hand, Rutgers MSMF is a more established programs with options to take courses from the Rutgers business school and the new Financial Management course. Hope that helps!
Thanks Som. Since I am working so it will be very hard for me to take classes at Rutgers, due to commute. Can you give me your contact or anyone who you know at Stevens. I can get more information about the program and courses.
Hi didje,

I have posted that above...in "Cons to go at Rutgers"....:D...But still, the main reason was commute, cost and flexibility of curriculum.

I am already in Finance field so don't care much about brand-name..unless I get into any Tier-I college. Hope this answer ur question.
Thanks for advice...Didn't call yet but sent few emails....Will wait a day or two - in case some divine force help out to reveal my decision..;)