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Rutgers MSMF Rutgers MSMF or UCLA MFE

Well Andy, I got a rejection from NYU last week. I am waiting on UCLA which is currently on waitlist. Otherwise I will be heading to Rutgers. Could you please advise on between UCLA and Rutgers, which one is better?
I have got an offer for Rutgers MSMF. I am pushing for a decision from UCLA and have given them a phone interview a month back. I checked up with them and they mentioned that there has been no change to the waitlist status and have confirmed with me that they have put a note for a quick decision.
I'm usually not one to say to refuse a certainty for a possibility, but IMO, UCLA all the way. I mean put it this way, despite the fact that time series was one of my most enjoyable courses at Rutgers (same one for stats and msmf masters), the professor didn't cover cointegration which I later found out about by reading part of Vidyamurthy's book (which I couldn't finish because it was on a pdf at work and the desk went under far faster than I expected it to, but that's another story).

In this case, I recommend you take the evil I don't know, rather than the evil I do.
Hi IIyuakEightSix, Andy,
How much do you think location plays a part in job placements? Do you think Rutgers being near NY has an advantage compared to UCLA being in the west? I am currently working in a middle office role in Asia and want to move into a trading/structuring role. Do you think considering all this, it is worth waiting for UCLA? In my personal opinion, UCLA is a bigger brand outside US and that is what makes me wait for their decision. Please share your thoughts. Also, if one is looking for jobs inside US, do you think between Rutgers and UCLA, one will be perceived more favorably by recruitors than the other?
What do you think about Rutgers if I have to work in NYC area? Also, can you advise on the markets and opportunities in NYC currently?