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Salary for entry level Quantitative Analyst in Krakow

There seems to be many quant job openings in Poland and I've recently got interviews with UBS and HSBC for the Quant position in Krakow. Do you have any wage information for a quant position in Poland? How much does an entry level quantitative analyst typically earn in Poland? Where could I get the wage information for quant jobs in Poland? I would be very grateful for answering the questions above.
Hmm. Seems to be rather low. A friend of mine from Hungary was talking about how Poland was like Hungary in the lowest income bracket among EU countries. I guess this makes sense seeing as that the GDP per capita in Poland is about $13K.
Hi, the topic is quite old but I just want to confirm that salaries presented in above posts are valid also for HSBC. I work near to quant team in Krakow and know that salaries of new joiners are in the range of 5,5k - 7k zl depending on your knowledge and nogotiation skills.