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Satnford MCF vs UChicago MSFM 70% scholarship

Stanford MCF vs UChicago MSFM 70% scholarship

  • Stanford MCF

    Votes: 24 75.0%
  • UChicago 70% scholarship

    Votes: 8 25.0%

  • Total voters


New Member

I am currently considering joining either Stanford MCF program or UChicago MSFM program. Chicago offers me a 70% tuition scholarship.

I love both programs because of their strong math and comp fundations. The scholarship offered by UofC is considerable ans the cost of living is lower in Chicago. On the other hand, Stanford has a very strong brand name, is more selective and I like their program better.

I would like to become a quantitative researcher for a quany hedge fund.

What would you recommend? What is a better investment of my time and money?


New Member
Personally I would go with UChicago for that finanical aid. Both are very good, and Chicago has a lot of quant jobs as you would expect. Did you have to apply to receive that aid and is it only for US students?