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Seek internship advice as an incoming MFE student

I am going to an MFE master's program this fall and majored in economics as an undergrad. As a result, I have very limited coding experience and am expecting to learn Python during the master's program. I have over 2-years of working experience in big-4 as a tax consultant (not quant relevant I know because I am seeking to change my career path by going to this master's program) and have passed Level 2 of CFA exam.

That being said, I do not picture myself being a very competitive candidate when applying for summer 2023 internships in quant analytics, quant trader, or other quant-related positions since all these positions are presumably coding heavy. I was hoping that perhaps there are some positions regarding asset management, portfolio construction and other analytical and research that could better fit my experiences.

I would love some detailed position names so that I may follow up on Linkedin or detailed descriptions of everyday work for the position. Thanks in advance for sharing your valuable insights!!
Usually all MFE programs have a bootcamp or a crash course on basic coding in the beginning of the program.

However, having a strong grasp in coding prior to joining will be very very advantageous as you will be applying and giving interviews for your summer internship in probably a month of joining the program.

Personally, I suggest the QuantNet C++ to anyone who wishes to pursue an MFE and has little to no coding experience. You can opt for other pre-MFE courses as well.

Keep coding a priority. Coding in QF takes care of implementation of all the concepts (ML, trading strategies, option pricing, etc..) that you learn during the MFE.

You should use this opportunity (MFE) to get the role you want, not the one you can fit.