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[Seeking advice] Coding challenge for a quant developer position


I am a graduating senior, and I have an interview for the quant developer position (derivatives and risk management quant role). The first round is going to be a coding challenge, but I do not really know how to prepare for coding challenge. I have some background in Python, but I am not sure if my level of proficiency would be enough. How do I possibly prepare for coding challenge?

Thank you very much.
Can you already program in Python, i.e. hands-on?

e.g. write a function to compute option price using syntax + libraries.
Coding challenge can mean many things. Did they tell you what to expect, at all?

One place I interviewed with sent me a PDF with a bunch of algorithm / design questions and gave me a day to write it up and send the code back.

Another place scheduled a conference call, where the interviewers and I would log into Collabedit (online shared text-editor), where I was given some code and asked to make modifications on the spot, figure out a bug, recommend improvements, implement a new feature, etc