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Seeking advice for MFE program selection, THX a lot~

It's my first time posting, and if there is anything inappropriate, I will alter it.

My Background:
I am a senior student from a joint institute between UIUC and ZJU( a Chinese top3 engineering college), majored in Civil Engineering. I will receive a bachelor's degree from both colleges. I wish to apply for 2021Fall MFE programs.
My GPA is 3.94 for ZJU & 3.75 for UIUC, with a TOEFL of 110 & GRE 327+4.0 (Q168).
I have engineering-oriented math courses. e.g, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, probabilities, and statistics. But no other advanced math courses. Perhaps I would took further math courses online in the future. I have taken some advanced financial engineering-related courses on Coursera and received certificates.
I have some research experiences using python and Matlab, which two I am proficient in. I also learned R and C++ by myself.
For work experience, I took two internships in two Chinese top5 securities companies' investment banking division. and another internship in Chinese top5 securities equity research.
Recommendation letters 1&2 are from my academic professors, who are also my research tutors. RL3 is from my employer of intern. All three should be pretty strong references.

So, could you please share your idea on what tier of MFE programs I would stand a chance of admission?
My dream school is Columbia MSFE & CMU MSCF. I know these two are perhaps too difficult for me to apply, but I would still endeavor for them.
If you could leave any comment, I would appreciate it very much!
THX again!