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Seeking Advice for preparations for MFE application?

Hello everyone! A newbie here.
I am a sophomore in English from a Chinese Top 2 University. I would like to search for a career in uprising quant finance in China after graduating from a master program in US.
Do I actually have any chance to look into any MFE?

If so, what courses do I need to get prepared?
I guess I will be taking C++ courses here to pursue a certificate with distinction, because relevant courses in my university really sucks. Then maybe data structure and machine learning? Are there any programming courses else required?
I will start my minor in statistics this fall. So I will have learnt Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistical Inference, Linear Regression, Stochastic Processes, Time Series. Then I might exchange to some American university to learn numerical analysis and PDE because their counterparts in my university is too rigorous to pursue an A. Anything else to pick up? Is Real Analysis really demanded?
Then what about econ/finance courses such as corporate finance, intermediate microeconomics, investments, intermediate financial theory or financial economics? Are they necessary?

If not so, is their any other paths to get into quant industry for someone with backgrounds like me?