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Seeking advise from alumni of Quant Schools to evaluate my profile

I hold a Btech+ Mtech in Mining Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi.
CGPA: 7.45/10

My GRE: 314 Q-165. I am worried about by Quant score as few people said Universities give a very huge weightage to Quant scores. AWA score yet to come but I hope it would 4.5+.

I have around 2 years of experience in Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank in Risk Analysis.

I have cleared both levels of FRM with 1st quartile in Quantitative Analysis and also CFA Level 1 cleared. I also have 1 year part time diploma in Microfinance from Faculty of Management Studies BHU.

I have done my Mtech Project in Monte Carlo Simulations and in C++. My project supervisor would recommend me.

Recommendations: Department well known Professor of IIT BHU, Professor of Finance of FMS BHU and London Director of Risk of Deutsche Bank and Vice President of Credit Suisse of Risk Department.

I have also done a two months intern in Microfinance at IIM Calcutta.

I just want to know how good or bad is my profile to compete for MFE program in top universities.

Any advise or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

IMO, while schools would assign weightage to your GRE quant score, it's your overall profile and application that would matter, your resume and your essay/SOP.

Consider taking some of the pre-MFE courses here on Quantnet.
Try to get a higher GRE Q. Many people getting into top MFE programs have 170
Thank you for your suggestions. I just wanted to know if the score is very poor for any good quant courses in any top university. I will just drop my MFE plan if not able to get to top MFE schools.
It's not a really bad score, but will be tough for top programs. You should retake the GRE and concentrate on getting the highest Q score possible.
Thanks @mhy for your time to reply to my query. I won't retake GRE due to personal reasons. I will try with this score, if unable to get good school then will drop my MFE plan at least for an year. Will let you know in case I make it to a decent school. Thanks a lot for your time and have a great day.
Hi I gave GRE again and obtained Quant 169 and Verbal 150 and AWA(4) hopeful. Please let me know now what are my chances.

Also in engineering I had poor grades in mathematics, D in both semesters.