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seeking lecturer for MSc level 'C++ for finance' module in Birmingham, UK

We are looking for someone to teach the 'C++ for finance' module on the University of Birmingham's MSc in Mathematical Finance for 2019-20.

The MSc is a joint programme of the School of Mathematics and Department of Economics. It trains students with STEM undergraduate degrees (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths) for work in mathematical finance. Destinations for last year's class include Deutsche Bank, Lombard Odier and Moody's.

The C++ module is one of the MSc's core modules. It is taught in one three-hour session per week for ten weeks per term over two terms. We have taught it in a computer lab with a teaching assistant present throughout to support the lecturer. There are about 35 students; the module evaluation includes two coding projects (each worth 40%) and a class test (20%).

The module was designed by Nick Webber, who taught earlier versions of the module at Cass Business School and Warwick Business School. Given Nick’s other commitments, it has been taught over 2018-19 by Matthew Collins, a PhD student of Andreas Dedner at Warwick. Matthew has been using JetBrains’ CLion.

As Matthew is writing up his PhD this autumn, he will not be available to teach again. (His TA – whom he recommends – is available to TA again.) I am therefore looking for someone else to take it on for us. It would require one trip to Birmingham per week during term time. This has been on Monday mornings in the past, but that can be changed. Last year, we paid c. £6,000 plus an expense account.

Please get in touch with me if you might be interested.

Thank you,

Colin Rowat
Programme Director, MSc in Mathematical Finance
@MRoss: not from Daniel's place, but the University is served by a station called ... University, reflecting the city's centrality to the industrial revolution.

It takes about two hours to reach the University from London.

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
I have had the honour of being MSc supervisor of Dr. Rowat's students for a number of years up to the present hopefully.
And metal music started in Birmingham.

I think it would be a great lecturing opportunity!
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