Should I apply for a Fall 2020 MFE + University Recommendations


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Hey guys,

I graduated with a bachelor's in Information Technology in 2018 from Manipal Institute of Technology (in India) - with a GPA of 9.17/10 (which translates to 3.66).
Although the degree wasn't in CS, it did cover all of the pre-requisite courses for most MFE programs.

My GRE scores are 170Q, 165V + a 4.0 in AW - but I did write the exam in 2016 and my score will expire soon (in December 2021). My TOEFL score is 117.

I've been working as an analyst in Technology at Goldman since graduating in May 2018, with a team that aids in preparing regulatory reports and optimizing and analyzing capital management. I've also been an intern with the same team for a total of six months across two terms.

What are my chances of being admitted into a good program? Thanks in advance.


Apply to most top program, but save some application for safe heave school

good luck!