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Baruch MFE Should I consider myself for a MFE program or a new job search

Hello everyone,

I have worked with a prop market making firm as a Quant Trader Trainee for last half an year after my graduation in 2021. Now, I was terminated which was quite surprising given my last quarter review was quite good but there was good reason for downsizing as they wanted to shift Jr. Traders to their home office to which some of us didn't support. But in all consciousness I'm considering two plans of actions:
1) Finding a new job as a quant with my basic ML, C++ and good logic/market skills,
2) Getting into a good MFE program to learn formally all the pricing and portfolio management courses and get back in a year or two to the job market.

Now, I wanted to decide what should be the course of action for me? Because this would be a big next step considering the time of the year/point of the career I'm at. Now my major concern is: "Would my application be considered to good program like Bruch MFE?"
From what I have heard you should consider also a third option. 3. Apply to top quantitative programs (CS, Math, Stats...). I have heard from a some people in the industry that they prefer someone with strong quantitative skills and finance can be taught in-house. However, I have had quant interviews where they expected me to know a good amount about the markets.

Regarding Baruch, you would have to share GPA, GRE and more about background. I have actually seen quite some people with work experience who get rejected.
Thanks for the response @finkv. I was academically quite a successful student throughout my career with almost all requisite courses under the belt:
1) Among top 5/150+ students in India's premier institute: IIT. Thus, good numeric skills as well. But basic C++.
2) Teacher's Aid in Calculus, Numerical Analysis Courses. So would be quite okay to catch up in revision lectures that happen at start.
3) Good references from my professors.

Would my previous job be deterrent for my case?

Looking at MFE because I think I need a proper training in pricing, relevant C++, etc. which this MFE might provide.

Need to understand if I can get through MFE with a basic C++ that I worked in the prop firm? I would definitely like to improve it though before joining.
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Baruch MFE Director
Apply for Round 4, April 1st deadline. With your profile, you should benefit from both the education we provide as well as the career opportunities we have for our students.

To find out more, you could register for the Baruch MFE Information Session that will take place virtually on March 16, 8pm NY time.
Information Session for Baruch MFE

Moreover, for the first time, GRE scores will not be required for the Round 4 this year.

Good luck!