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Should i mention online MFE course in my application

I have completed online MFE from worldquant university around 6 months ago.
Should i mention it in my application, for say UCB, which clearly states that it doesnt award duplicate
degree. (You shouldnot have an MFE degree from any other institution).

Also, can i mention the courses completed at WQU (ML , programming, econometrics )
as prerequisites for the main program.
Ask this question in the next information session or just send them an email at mfe@haas.berkeley.edu

Check on LinkedIn if any haas MFE alumni had this degree before their MFE. If there is someone, they can provide you information on this.
if you've done a course or something that you think is relevant, there's no harm in mentioning (though i don't think the worldquant course will add much value)

and there have been students in the berkeley mfe program who had mfe degrees from other schools (i'm not sure if the worldquant course is considered a proper degree though)

you can find the list of accepted prerequisite courses on their website; if you really want to get accepted, i'd suggest you do those