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Should I retake GRE?

Hi there,

I just took my first GRE test and got V160 and Q168. My dream programs are CMU MSCF and Columbia MFE. I realize that the average GRE quant scores are very high for these two programs(169.x). I am wondering if a 168Q will hurt my application. Should I retake GRE and try to get a higher quant score?

Nope, not worth it to try to get a score a point or two higher. Probably won't make a difference to your chances of admission. And the vagaries of the test are such that you could end up getting a lower score.
What are your other stats? If the rest of your application is strong, then it's probably not necessary. If your profile is borderline, meaning no finance work experience (but perhaps somewhat relevant internships) and GPA between 3.6 and 3.7, you may want to retake it as your chance of admission is probably fairly low. Columbia's median score on GRE Q is 170 and the average is 169.7 or something like that. There's only a handful of admissions with Q 168. All else equal, given 2 candidates with good but not stellar GPAs and good but not stellar internship experiences and no interview, an admissions officer is inclined to pick the one that boosts the published stats the most, meaning the marginally higher GRE score and GPA. The difference between 168 and 169 and 170 is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and it's a total waste of time to prove a 170 just for the sake of it, but admission statistics point to a clear preference toward Q score of 170.
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My total GRE score is the same as the author ( V 159, Q 169, W3.0) , I am quite worry about whether I will be refused for my low writing score. Should I take another exam? Dream program : Columbia Mathematic of Financial