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Should I retake GRE?

Dear QuantNet Community,

I want to ask about whether I need to retake GrE. Current unofficial scores: Verbal 156, Quant 170. Aims: MIT MFin, Columbia MSFE, Oxford MFE etc.

thank you very much.


New Member
It's a pretty good score for the colleges you're applying to. Frankly speaking, Q 169+ and V 155+ is a good bet for most of the colleges. However, since there are other elements which directly affect your application, GRE alone can't be a deciding factor. I know a couple of people who got into top universities with a lesser score. I would also recommend you to target other top universities such as UCB, Baruch, Cornell etc.
All the best!


Active Member
Seems like a great score, full score on the Math section. Some MFE programs say that they only look at your Quant score. Instead of putting more time into GRE studying, you could develop other parts of your application, possibly.