Should I send my GRE sub math score.

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Hi, everyone. I got a 75% in GRE sub math and I just wonder if it is good enough to send them. I am an international students from Asia and you know, Asian are pretty good at math. So when I ask my friends about it, they laughed out. As a result, I did not send them at all during my application and now I wonder if that is a mistake.

Just to give more information of myself to make a better descions. I am a fresh gradaute from a famous university in Asia with GPA 3.5+, majoring in statistics. I did not do very well in some lower-level classes such as Linear Algebra, Calculus and Probability and statistics. (mostly B+, some B). But I achieved an average GPA of 3.82 in my junior year with a lot of As in Upper-level Statistics Courses. For GRE, I got 165 in Verbal and 170 in Quant. I took the gre sub test aiming to make up for those Bs in lower-level mathematical courses with a shining percentile around 90%, but eventually failed because of something I will never use again after preparing for this test, such as Topology.

Many thanks for any advice. I can not appreciate more if there are any current students in good MFE programs that can help me ask this question to the program directors. (especially math-oriented programs, such as Chicago Finmath, Columbia Finmath, and NYU Finmath)


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I would not recommend you to submit it. Nearly all of my friends in China who took GRE Math got above 90%. So I guess a 75% would probably not be a plus for you given that your GRE general is already good enough.

For your reference, I was at the 86th percentile on GRE Math and I did not send the result.

By the way, I don't think undergraduate level topology is trivial as it does lay the foundations for more rigorous graduate-level coursework like measure theory based probability.
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75% is really not enough. 90% is the line I think.
Your GRE is good, that should suffice.