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Some PCA Resources

Ken Abbott

Managing Director


  • 57 Time Variation in the Modes of Fluctuation of the Treasury Yield Curve.PDF
    1.3 MB · Views: 1
  • 59 Consistency Between the Shape of the Yield Curve and its Modes of Fluctuation.PDF
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  • 53 Polynomial Representations of the Yield Curve and Its Modes of Fluctuation.PDF
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  • 25 Modes of Fluctuation in Treasury Strip and Federal Agency Bonds.PDF
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  • 20 Modes Of Fluctuation in Bond Yields-An Analysis of Principal Components.PDF
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  • 42 Modes of Fluctuation in Sovereign Bond Yield Curves.pdf
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  • 70 Recent Time Variation in the Modes of Fluctuation of the Spot Treasury Yield Curve.pdf
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  • princomp.pdf
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    330.6 KB · Views: 2
  • Principal Component Analysis - Willie Jung.pdf
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