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Some schools have stopped mailing out official acceptance letters.

Instead, they send official notification to applicants (accepted or rejected) via emails only.

I think it's kind of cheap part of the schools to send out notification to accepted applicants via email only because the application fee is expensive (about $70), and they refuse to send first class mail for just a dollar of postage fee?

I mean, I can understand if they just want to send out email to rejected applicants, but if they really want to show that they really want to take as many as accepted students as possible, shouldn't they send out offical letter in addition to email notification?
I think the application fee is as more of a nominal barrier to limit applications to people that are serious, not so much the costs of processing. IMO I care more about the message than the medium.
Schools are increasingly going green, that's why. They want the whole process to conduct electronically.

I am all for going green. So I am all for applying online instead of paper application, and sending just email notification to rejected applicants.

But if I am admitted, I'd expect to see some sort of official letter (not necessarily big packet) with official seal from the school.


Baruch MFE Director
I agree, an admission letter is an opportunity to send official materials. While many can be attached to an email, having the potential future student holding official materials has enough value to counter shipping costs.