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SOS, anybody online?


I asked UPS to ship my application material to Baruch admission office several days ago. Now UPS told me the address I provided is not detail enough, and they were not able to deliver it. My package is in NewYork UPS, pending for another attempt of delivery.

The address I provide is:
Office of Research & Graduate Studies
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Baruch College / CUNY
One Bernard Baruch Way
New York, NY, 10010-5585

But UPS need the street and room number!

Does anyone know how should I update this information so that it can be delivered to the right place? I also emailed&telephoned the admission office but it is too late, they are off work now.

And UPS may not try to deliver it for the third time, so I have to update this address asap.

Andy Nguyen

You did not include the room number in your address, that's the reason they can't deliver. The info can be found either here or here
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Baruch College
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box B8-211
New York, NY 10010-5585

Tel: (646) 312-4490
E-mail: Wsas_Graduate_Studies@baruch.cuny.edu


thanks guys, I called UPS and left the phone number of admission office. UPS said they will call to confirm before next delivery attempt.

UPS changed my input address from 1 Bernard Baruch Way to somewhere 152 east XXth street...so I am wondering what is exactly the physical address of the office?


Active Member

Sorry that you are having so many problems. One Bernard Baruch Way does exist. Baruch does have multiple buildings (4 to be exact), and if it gets ot the East 2xx St, then thru interoffice mail, it will get to the proper office.