Stanford ICME MCF Request for official transcript?


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I just received an email from the ICME office asking for my official transcript to be sent to their office. Did anyone else receive a similar email? I think I glossed over the fact that Stanford requires an official transcript to be sent to them before they make an admission decision (which is unusual as none of the other programs I applied to have this requirement).

Also, does this email mean they are possibly considering my candidature or is it a generic call for all application material?



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As far as I know, if you were applying MS&E, when you received request for official transcript it is probably means that you will got an admission. But I don't think it is the same case for ICME.

ICME do require official transcript to be sent immediately after you submitted your online application, you may check it through the website. I sent them in early Jan. As they started reviewing our application, I think they request it because they did not find yours.

Correct me if I were wrong.