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Stevens Institute MFE vs Claremont Graduate MFE

Stevens MFE vs CGU MFE

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I was wondering what peoples opinions were on the two programs in terms of reputation, industry presence, recruiting etc. Which would be a better choice in those regards and overall?

I've seen a thread comparing the two programs but it seems a bit outdated. I'd like to get peoples current views on the two programs.

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In terms of education, I think you would get about the same education in both schools. Though for placements, I think Stevens is slightly better, Claremont's placements is horrible; that being said, they are working hard to make changes and improve their job placements. I think their numbers will be different this year, but you are pretty much on your own to find an internship or even a job. Stevens in only 15-20 mins away from NYC, it seems like they have lots of connections too. Good Luck!